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Why are set temps not whole nubmers

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    Why are set temps not whole nubmers

    So, I'm using the new HAI plugin for HS3. Disappointed that this very functional (hs2) plugin is now reduced to a very minimal functional plugin.... Anyway once I realized that the refresh rate had to be set higher than the default 0 to get the readings updated..... I can now use it....

    Question though is: Why are the set points random decimal numbers? IE I see my heat set point for 68.0, 68.7, 68.9, 69.9, 70.7. What is up with that? Why would I set it to anything but a whole number?

    Is this a bug or is there a reason to get granular like this for temp setting?

    I'd suspect there is a conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius occurring somewhere.
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