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HAI Thermostat schedules in HS2 but not in HS3?

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    HAI Thermostat schedules in HS2 but not in HS3?

    My Fellow 'Seer's:

    I am finally in the process of transitioning from HS2 to HS3 and have written a couple of simple HS3 plug-ins so far (iTunes and Russound) to the extent I need 'em (which isn't much).

    I will use the "included" plug-ins (pro license) when I can but it seems like HomeSeer's thermostat plug-in for my HAI RC-80B had the ability to set the thermostat schedules in HS2 but that seems to be missing in the thermostat plug-in(s) in HS3... Is this true? I'll just write my own plug-in if I have to (it's fun so no problem) but before I go down that road for my thermo, am I missing something?

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    Well I'm just gonna use homeseer events to select one of my various schedules ("Normal", "Overnight Guests", "Party", etc.) ... Probably the obvious answer but it just took me a couple days to get there... thanx!