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Does this PI work with the Lyric T6 ?

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  • Does this PI work with the Lyric T6 ?

    I am UK based, and probably need a replacement for my Nest (due to the google api changes). I came across the Lyric T6, and it looks as if it could do what me Nest does currently (as I only use the Nest as a thermostat controlled by HS3, all smart functions are turned off)
    If it does work, how quick does it accept setpoint changes, report setpoints and temperatures back to HS3 ? I will do all the away/home, setpont schedules etc from HS3, so just need something I can control via HS3 reliably

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    Setpoint changes happen within a couple of seconds usually. Partially because I queue up command requests and don't send more than 1 every 2 seconds (configurable), and partly because of the nature of communicating from HS to Honeywell's servers and then Honeywell sending the request down to your thermostat. There is an option in the plugin to assume the change worked and immediately update the device, but in addition, after any control command I issue an update command, which could take another 30-35 seconds to fully process and reflect the current state as reported by Honeywell.

    For my system, I actually do all the "normal" scheduling with the Honeywell site, and use HS for exception handling (Away, Home, Vacation). That way my thermostat works "normally" if I'm having internet or Homeseer technical issues (unusual, but helps keep the WAF up and the bills down if anything were to go wrong).


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      Ok, that sounds good. And I guess the plugin will work with the T6. Then its going to be between the Ecobee and the T6. The advantage of the T6 is I dont have to get a relay to switch 24V to 230V as they sell it in the UK. The Ecobee I would have to buy from the US.