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Problem with plugin decimal point setting.

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    Problem with plugin decimal point setting.

    Hi Shill,

    Recently i bought your Lyrics Plugin (HS4 version
    I have a couple of problems with the plugin.

    1) The heat setpoint can be set by 0,5 degrees up or down.
    When set to for example 14.5 the associating HS device value is set to 14.5
    However, the HS device Range Option Decimal is set to 0.
    When you want to use this value in a script the value is 14 not 14.5
    or display this value in HStouch it displays 15.
    This is because the plugin sets all values to 0 decimal point.
    When you manually set the decimals to 1 in the graphics editor of the device it display's ok.
    But every time the heat setpoint is changed, the plugin overrides the decimal value to 0.

    This is so for all values. The plugin overrides all decimal settings to 0
    Is it possible to set all Range Option Decimal's to 1 in the plugin?

    2) I use the plugin with a Honeywell t6R thermostat with the OpenTherm protocol.
    The thermostat has a lot of interesting values i like to see for example the current boiler temperature.
    Is it possible for the plugin to create devices for all the Opentherm values that are exported by the boiler?

    3) How to set for example the heat setpoint from a script?

    Best regards,
    Hans Schouten​

    The fact I'm replying to this almost a year later is embarrassing (so sorry about that!!!), but the issue you were describing was because HS4 didn't support that until The latest version of the plugin should now handle decimal points correctly in the UI.

    The Lyric API does not give me any additional information, so I'm afraid I can't help you with the OpenTherm request.

    Functions to change devices via script are documented in the Help now.


      (Also, please follow-up with any new questions over in the HS4 version forum: