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One out of Five is not too good

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  • One out of Five is not too good

    I set up 5 Honeywell 9000 Series thermostats. They are all fine on the Honeywell website but only one is up and running on HS3. ( Purchased a new Hometroller S6 last Thursday). I am getting Failed and Unknown status. I double checked all the Device ID #'s and they are correct.

    See attachment.
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    Sorry for the delay - no internet on the cruise ship this week

    Would you mind having a look at this post: Having Problems? Follow these steps first.

    In your case, since you have multiple thermostats, it would be interesting to try to get them added one at a time, rather than adding them all at once, so we can see if it consistently fails on certain ones.


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      I did see the post you suggested with no luck. I added the basement stat 1st with the errors that you see. Then, the first floor which seems to be OK. Then the others.

      I have restarted the plugin and have deleted and reinstalled the thermostats, still no luck.


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        Fixed it.

        Ok, apparently I had the five thermostats in 5 separate locations on the Honeywell web site. So,I deleted all but the one that was OK in home seer and re-added them one by one to the same location as the one that was working. I used the new Device numbers and it all worked out.


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          Really glad to hear it's working. I haven't had any issues based on location previously, as my development of the plugin was done with the assistance of a number of folks here who allowed me to control their devices, which were obviously in disparate locations...