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Mr Slim-MHK1 Thermostat:Scheduling?

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  • Mr Slim-MHK1 Thermostat:Scheduling?

    I have 3 MHK1 thermostats on my Mitsubishi mini-split Hyper-Heat system. This add-in provides basic setpoint/mode control of the MHK1 stat. I guess I'm missing the big picture.

    How do I leverage this into a full scheduled controlled solution. Right now I can send commands but its not like my BL-Stat add in that provides the complete functionality of mulitple day schedules, filter changing, etc.

    How are others using this Honeywell addin to control their thermostats? I very much want to do scheduling from the HomeSeer side and abandon the schedule in the wireless stat. Can you describe how you implemented this addin to control your thermostat?

    How do you do TOD scheduling?
    Do you have run-time tracking for filter changes?


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    I use the plugin easy Trigger to handle my scheduling for my Mitsubishi's. Works well.
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      I actually use the scheduling built in, then override it with permanent holds when we leave the house (based on the alarm system being armed, which happens automatically when both my wife & my cell phones leave our wifi network via Automate & JSON request to HS). That way I can just "resume schedule" when we're nearing home (using IFTTT location trigger & Honeywell channel) so it goes back to whatever the appropriate temperature would have been at that time of day without having to write a bunch of logic to figure out what it should be now (vs when it was put into Away mode).

      But you could also just use normal HS time triggers to set it to make your own schedule...