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Finding The Name Of Honeywell rth9580wf Thermostat?

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  • Finding The Name Of Honeywell rth9580wf Thermostat?

    I found the ID Number for the honeywell RTH9580WF thermostat for entering into plugin setup but am puzzled about the thermostat name to be used in thermostat setup? When I go to honeywell mytotalconnectcomfort site and log into thermostat it looks like the name is just THERMOSTAT. However when I go to my router and look at connected devices the thermostat has the name GATEWAYC57AF6. Which one is the correct name to use for plugin setup? Thanks much for your help !!!! Rick

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    The name is up to you - just put whatever you want it to be called in HomeSeer, it's not related to the actual device name.


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      Thanks much Shill !!!!! Rick


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        I have the plugin setup and running and can operate it ok with homeseer web control screen on homeseer S6 Pro under device management screen. I can view setpoint, mode, etc and it changes on thermostat and the honeywell app reports the changes. However when I view the thermostat settings on android phone via hstouch, things dont work so well. I am using the stock menus that come with homeseer touch. The display doesn't make much sense? The actual room temperature is shown in the top display but there is no view of the setpoint value. You really need to know what the setpoint is set to to know wether to increase or decrease the setpoint and by what value in the heat and cool modes. The up and down settings for heat and cool mode seem useless without knowing the setpoint value. The display seems to display modes ok but you can't set the heat/cool mode or the fan mode from the homeseer touch climate control thermostat screen. Just wondering if I am missing something. Seems it would be better to just list the status and control devices in the climate section rather than having the thermostat graphic. Maybe the stock hstouch thermostat is a basic generic type and needs to be customized for each thermostat that you are using. Maybe you have a thermostat graphic layout that works with the honeywell rth9580wf thermostat devices for hstouch? In the climate screen for hstouch the thermostat plus and minus controls for heat and cool modes do not work. Maybe I am missing something on how their thermostat setup works? Any help on this is much appreciated !!! Rick