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Thermostat Plug-in Errors in Log?

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  • Thermostat Plug-in Errors in Log?

    Plugin was working just fine for quite some time and after restarting homeseer software on hometroller (HS3) I started receiving this error and it happens all the time:

    Error retrieving data for device 2966934: The remote name could not be resolved:

    I can go to the Honeywell website and can log into thermostat and control it just fine with no errors. Any help on this issue is appreciated. Thanks Much.....Rick B.

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    I'm afraid I don't know what to tell you about that... resolving the DNS name into an IP address in order to connect is a pretty low-level task the OS handles.

    I know you said you were able to go to that website, but was that from your PC or your HS server?


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      It is working ok this morning. I forgot to mention that the homeseer myhs servers appeared to be down late last evening. I was unable to connect to myhs remote at the same time that the thermostat plugin wasn't responding. I think they were both related....Thanks....Rick