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FIXED: Windows XP/ TLS 1.2 working now

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  • FIXED: Windows XP/ TLS 1.2 working now

    So it looks like your (educated) guess that Honeywell turned off TLS 1.0 on their servers was correct.

    With your version 2.0 plugin and the Windows XP Embedded (POS) security upgrade detailed at
    the plugin was again communicating.

    After following the steps on the sockettools page to install the TLS upgrade, you will also need to edit your registry:
    \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AdvancedOptions\CRYPTO\TLS1.2
    Rename or delete the OSVersion key. Reboot the PC to effect that change.

    Then open Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced tab, Security. Turn on Use TLS 1.2 and turn off the other Use TLS and Use SSL options.

    For general information, TLS 1.0 is already dead in many places, and TLS 1.1 is not far behind. Microsoft Office 365 is turning both off later in 2018.

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    Here's the TRACE level log of it working.
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      Originally posted by KurtLutterman View Post
      Here's the TRACE level log of it working.
      That's with the 1.2.0 version, right? Which was updated to use Curl instead of the .NET built-in libraries because it isn't limited to OS-level TLS support.

      That version caused problems for a lot of people (but clearly not everyone, since it worked for you and me!), so I reverted in the short term to the .NET stuff, so don't update to 1.2.1 if 1.2.0 is working for you right now!


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        Yes, it was the 1.2 version of the plugin. So it is not using the underlying OS TLS support at all? So the XP Embedded/POS hack is not required?