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Multiple Redlink gateways

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    Multiple Redlink gateways

    Hi... We're building a new house that is reasonably large and has a guest house as well. We're installing a Mitsubishi multi-split system with about 8 indoor units, plus a separate mini-split for the guest house. They all have MHK1 thermostats in each zone.

    I'm told that the Redlink internet gateway has limited range and I may need a couple of them to have reliable coverage. Can this plug in handle that?

    I have never used Redlink before so I apologize if this is obvious.


    The plugin controls the thermostats through the Honeywell Comfort Connect Internet site so it doesn't really "see" the number of gateways - I've tested it with two redlink gateways and the # of gateways don't seem to be an sisue.

    Regarding Redlink Generally: I have a Redlink system with 6 Prestige IAQ. Range hasn't been the problem, but the gateway can only handle 4 thermostats, so you'll need multiple gateways regardless of distance. Mine was installed about 5 years ago, and it does everything a thermostat is expected to do, but if I were to do this today, I'd go with Ecobee as it supports HomeKit, comes with Amazon Alexa built in, and has many other nice features. The Honeywell Round Smart and Nest would also be higher on my list than the Redlink models. Basically, I'd go with a WiFi connected thermostat with better third-party connectivity. This being said, the Prestige IAQ has been reliable and its pretty straightforward to use and the web interface and iPad interface are good. There appear to be plugins for all these brand thermostats.