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Honeywell Home planned maintenance

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  • Honeywell Home planned maintenance

    Just received this email today from Honeywell. Do you think these changes will have any impact on this PI? Usually when a company talks about improving performance and maintaining security, they typically end up breaking 3rd party access. Wondering if they communicated any changes to the API to you so you can incorporate any updates that might be needed. Hopefully, the changes will improve the stability of their systems.

    Honeywell Home
    Our services will undergo planned maintenance over the next few weeks.

    Start Date: January 22, 2019

    We’re performing an update to our software and services to improve your experience and maintain your security. Our servers will undergo maintenance over the next few weeks, and you may experience brief intermittent connectivity. Our updates will begin taking place on January 22, and run throughout February. The downtime will be used to maintain the platform, perform upgrades, and help ensure the continued integrity and security of our services to our users.

    During this time, your thermostat will continue to work, but you may temporarily experience an inability to remotely manage it via your app.

    No action is required from you right now. Connectivity will re-establish itself automatically.

    You can check our Twitter page for status updates. Plus, if we can answer any questions or provide additional information, you can contact us through our website.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Honeywell Home

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    Considering they don't share their API with anyone but huge corporate developers, they most certainly did not communicate any API changes to me, nor will they ever. (That's why this plugin forces you to go acknowledge the terms and conditions - because on any given day they could render it inoperable.)

    However, this is a very generic sounding announcement and they've done a few of these in the past which haven't broken anything. That being said, it's never been one that runs for a full month of updates, so I'm a little nervous at this point but not convinced it's going to be a problem by any means.


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      We'll keep our fingers crossed nothing else changes or goes wrong...