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  • Temp & Fan Run Status?

    Total noobie to Homeseer (installed 3 days ago) and to this Honeywell WiFi Thermostat plug-in. I have 5 Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 thermostats and installed the plug-in without any hitches. I have a home with 3 floors of radiant floor heating over engr. wood floors with heat pumps, as such I have no desire to change setpoints based on occupancy (set it and forget it). That said, I am interested in logging room temperatures and fan run status versus time. I don't see any obvious way to do this currently although I could be missing something. Also, I don't see any forum topics related to this. Is it possible to do with the current version of plug-in (v1.4.0.3). If so how? If not, is it feasible or is this on the list for future features?

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    This plugin (like most) handles control of the devices and reporting the current status. If you want to log the temperatures over time, check out the Device History plugin (shameless plug for another plugin of mine) that people use for recording and reporting on values over time for all your devices.


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      Thanks. I'll check it out.


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        Hello. I recently purchased 3 Honeywell 9585 thermostats with wi-fi control for installation in my home Now most of the equipment in my house is controlled via wi-fi. I was faced with the same question as you. It is interesting to me to record the temperature in the house at a specified time, for monitoring indicators. Thanks for the advice, I will get acquainted with the plugin history of devices.