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  • Login Failure

    Hello, I followed your procedure to accept the Honeywell Portal terms. However when I go to my hstouch default app for honeywell thermostat it keeps saying login failed. I am able to control my thermostat (wifi) from honeywell app. Do I need to wait several hours for everything to start updating and working? I changed my honeywell portal password but I went into settings for thermostat plugin and changed the password also. Still get login failure when using hstouch thermostat screen? Any help would be appreciated...Rick

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    No, there should be no waiting required after changing settings, aside from the normal polling period for the next update.


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      What might be the issue for the login failure? Again, the honeywell app controls the thermostat ok but not your app. Your app says the thermostat is connected but there is a login failure. Further help would be much appreciated...Rick


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        Hello Shill,

        Any thoughts on why I am unable to get Honeywell Thermostat back working after going to the honeywell portal and completing the procedure in your previous post?


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          Can you please review this sticky thread: Having Problems? Follow these steps first. and provide the information I need to assist you?

          (I'm about to start on a significant rewrite of the communication between the plugin and Honeywell to try to better mimic their mobile app instead of their website, but I'd rather resolve this first if it's really a problem with the plugin.)