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Thermostat device(s) not found by plug-in after HomeSeer restart

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  • Thermostat device(s) not found by plug-in after HomeSeer restart

    It appears the plug-in can't find the HomeSeer thermostat device(s) after a HomeSeer restart.
    2 logs zipped and attached: 1 is before homeseer restart and the other is after.

    Steps to reproduce (I've done this 3x)
    1. Disabled plug-in
    2. Deleted thermostat device and all child devices.
    3. Shut down homeseer
    4. Restarted homeseer
    5. Verified there are no thermostat devices
    6. Enabled plug-in
    7. Plug-in config page - there are no thermostats listed on the page.
    Selected "THERMOSTAT" from drop down list and clicked "Add"
    Now have a THERMOSTAT device and a lot of child devices - reference ID of thermostat device is 604 (this is different each time).
    Indoor temp, humidity, op status, etc. devices all updating fine.
    8. Clicked "Update" - the "Last Change" time updated and so did the values.
    The plugin log contains:
    12/1/2019 16:15:09.614 Trace [------] PluginLogic.GetThermostatDevice >>>> PluginLogic.GetThermostatDevice(604)
    12/1/2019 16:15:09.614 Debug [5342579] PluginLogic.GetThermostatDevice Found Referenced Thermostat Device (604)

    All is good.


    1. Shutdown HomeSeer
    2. Run HomeSeer
    THERMOSTAT device still present in HomeSeer as reference ID 604.
    "THERMOSTAT" is missing from Plug in config page (It's in the drop list but not listed as a line on the page).
    Clicking "Update" results in no changes on the homeseer page.
    The plug in log contains:
    12/1/2019 16:18:20.357 Trace [------] PluginLogic.GetThermostatDevice >>>> PluginLogic.GetThermostatDevice(604)
    12/1/2019 16:18:20.358 Error [------] PluginLogic.GetThermostatDevice Referenced Thermostat Device (604) not found

    None of the device values update from this point.

    I've done this 3x with identical results.

    Windows 10 version 1809
    Honeywell RTH9585WF1004
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    Can you check the INI file for the plug-in (in the config dir) and see if there's an entry for RootDevices?


    • #3
      There is not.
      I opened the file and searched for "root"... nothing.
      There are 3 sections: Options, Internal, Debug... and none of them contain "Root..." anything...


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        I've seen this one before, not sure why it's happening so rarely. I'll do some more work to prevent this situation, but the fastest solution will be to stop the plug-in, edit the ini file and add "RootDevices=604" under [Options], then start it up again.


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          Well that worked.
          I added the RootDevices setting and it all seems to be OK now.
          Thanx for the lightning fast support.


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            I'm having the exact same problem. Re-added the thermostat for the third time now.

            Do I have to SSH in to modify the INI file?

            Thx, gny


            • #7
              Have you applied the latest version?


              • #8
                I am running Just installing after you mentioned it... I'm guessing you have a fix for this in that version?



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                  Ah I see from the release notes that it does. So is there any way to get notifications of a new release via email or this forum?