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Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Release History

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    Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Release History

    NOTE: All release notes can be found in the official HomeSeer store Release Notes page for this plugin.

    The Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Plugin is now available from the HomeSeer store. This forum will serve as the primary support and communication channel, replacing the "Beta" thread in the Plugin Development forum.

    Thanks for your support, and looking forward to hearing your suggestions for improving this plugin!

    *** Official Store Release Version 1.0.2 *** - 1/29/2016

    Prior release details
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    *** Version 1.1.0 *** - 6/18/2016

    • Added “Fan Status” device.
    • Added “Operating Status” device.
    • Added “Simulate Auto Mode” option.
    • Incorporated the HomeSeer Thermostat API. This required a change in the status values for System Mode. Please verify your events and scripts to ensure they are updated properly. Also note that the default HSTouch project does not work properly with multiple thermostats if the device names are not unique (it doesn’t use location 1 or location 2).
    • Amazon Echo integration is not yet working properly - waiting on updates from HomeSeer as to why it claims the device cannot be found.
    • No longer automatically set Location 1 or Location 2 when creating a thermostat device.
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      *** Version 1.1.1 *** - 11/25/2016

      • Fixed an issue with Heat-only or Cool-only devices showing both setpoints and allowing “Simulate Auto” mode.


        *** Version 1.1.2 *** - 11/27/2016

        • Removed unfinished logic around humidification control that was causing error messages.


          *** Version 1.1.3 *** - 12/1/2016

          • Fixed a login issue caused by a change in the Honeywell Web Portal.


            *** Version 1.1.4 *** - 1/27/2017

            • Added “Operating Mode” device.

            • Changed some parameters to improve communication with Honeywell Web Portal.


              *** Version 1.1.5 *** - 2/2/2017

              • Fixed an issue with the Thermostat API settings for the “System Mode” and “Operating Mode” devices.


                *** Version 1.1.6 *** - 2/5/2017

                • Fixed an issue with “Operating Mode” device graphics on Linux-based versions of HomeSeer due to capitalization.


                  *** Version 1.1.7 *** - 5/14/2017

                  • Added “Download” and “Clear” buttons to the logging section on the configuration page so you can access the plugin log file for support without needing to get onto your server’s filesystem.

                  • Fixed an issue where “Simulate Auto Mode” would revert to the Operating Mode in some cases.


                    *** Version 1.1.8 *** - 6/7/2017

                    • Fixed an issue where “Simulate Auto Mode” would fail to switch between Heat and Cool correctly.


                      *** Version 1.1.9 *** - 6/11/2017

                      • Fixed an issue where the thermostat would not enter “Simulate Auto Mode” in some situations.


                        *** Version 1.1.10 *** - 7/11/2017

                        • Fixed an issue with the log file not being written properly.
                        • Fixed an issue with loading the Newtonsoft DLL with HS3 version


                          *** Version 1.1.11 *** - 7/21/2017

                          • Fixed an issue with changing the Cool Setpoint when in “Simulate Auto Mode” in some situations.


                            *** Version 1.1.12 *** - 10/17/2017

                            • Added logic to report Operating Status as Idle when the System Mode is “Off” and the Fan Status is “Idle” to overcome a defect in Honeywell’s JSON data that incorrectly reported the Status as active if it had been at the time the Mode was switched off.
                            • Added “Docs” page to Plugin menu with links to local documentation and the support forum.


                              *** Version 1.1.13 *** - 2/15/2018

                              • Added the ability to change the device ID and name used when registering the thermostat in the plugin on the root Device's config screen.