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Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Release History

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    *** Version 1.2.0 *** - 2/23/2018

    • Replaced the entire HTTP client with CurlSharp to avoid Mono defects and to provide full TLS support for XP and Linux users.


      *** Version 1.2.1 *** - 2/25/2018

      • Reverted previous change because of user issues with dependencies and other unexplained behaviors.


        *** Version 1.2.2 *** - 4/30/2018

        • Re-release of the libcurl-based solution to resolve TLS issues for Windows XP and Linux-based users, with additional logging for potential failure areas. (Linux/Zee users make sure you follow the instructions from earlier this month to prepare!)


          *** Version 1.2.3 *** - 5/5/2018

          • Fixed an issue with incorrectly reporting failed logins.
          • Improved logging for failed requests.


            *** Version 1.2.4 *** - 5/7/2018

            • Fixed an issue with incorrectly detecting successful logins for systems with only one thermostat.


              *** Version 1.2.5 *** - 5/12/2018

              • More login detection fixes.
              • Added logic to detect maintenance downtime and delay the next update for 15 minutes.
              • Added 5 second timeouts for connections.
              • Added additional logging around each web request.
              • Added logic to prevent interactions until the thermostat has had a chance to update.


                *** Version 1.3.0 *** - 5/20/2018

                • Reverted to HTTP client for web interactions. This will require mono 4.8 or higher for Linux/Zee users.
                • Add thermostat device ID to log messages wherever known.
                • Improved performance of logging.
                • Changed the tracking of login frequency and added a config-file-only login timeout value (in minutes) for how often the plugin should perform a fresh login (vs assuming the session is still good).


                  *** Version 1.3.1 *** - 5/23/2018

                  • Fixed an issue with using the Device Config page to change the Device ID if the original device is no longer present on the TCC portal.


                    *** Version 1.3.2 *** - 6/1/2018

                    • Adjusted logging to prevent output of large HTML components unless LogLevel is set to 7 (TraceHTML, not available in the Options UI).
                    • Fixed an issue where the Config page allowed adding a thermostat with a duplicate ID value.
                    • Fixed an issue where deleting thermostats from the Config page did not remove all devices.


                      NOTE: All release notes can be found in the official HomeSeer store Release Notes page for this plugin.