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Compatibility with Google Home (GH)

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  • nfrobertson
    Thanks for the thread pointers Claude. I haven't tried Google Home yet. I'm guessing one is in my near future

    My sticky post on working with Amazon Echo has some good information about the device settings that are absolutely required to get HS3 and the echo working together. Most of the work to make my Insteon Thermostat plugin compatible with the echo was around understanding the HS3 virtual devices and then coming up with a naming scheme so the HS3 voice control worked.

    I would assume these same efforts need applied relative to making a plugin work with Google Home. I think that's what you are asking correct? If I've mis-understood please correct me. I may have to get a GH to see how compatible or not my plugin currently is with it.


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  • claude
    started a topic Compatibility with Google Home (GH)

    Compatibility with Google Home (GH)


    Please refer to this post.

    Should your recommendations for the Echo be applied to Google Home?

    Edit - see this post also
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