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Insteon Thermostat and Alexa

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    Insteon Thermostat and Alexa

    Hello there,

    Is there a reason Alexa thinks my thermostat is set to125 degrees? Just wondered.

    I do notice that she is sometimes just "not in synch" with the temperature settings, she's a degree or two off. But 125 is pushing it a bit (it was actually at 70).

    And while we're talking about it, is there a formal "command set" for addressing Alexa w/r/t to the thermostat? Something in the form of, "Alexa, (please) [raise/increase/lower] the [temperature/heat/a-c] (by) [n] degrees"? Is there a way to ask her what the temperature or setpoint is?

    Appreciate any help.


    Jim Speiser
    35-year veteran of Home Automation
    Still don't know squat