This event to raise the temperature in the morning always errors:
Nov-19 7:00:00 AM Insteon Thermostat Error HandleAction - Error executing action: Conversion from string "" to type 'Short' is not valid.
Nov-19 7:00:00 AM Event Event Trigger "Thermostat Heating - Wakeup"
this is the event:
Event Name: Type Group Reassign:
(Enter New Type Name) (Create A New Group)Alarm RoutinesAlarm TriggersAway Lighting - Someone HomeAway Lighting - SummerAway Lighting - WinterBlue Iris ControlDefaultDelayed ActionsHeartbeat DetectionLawn PoolLeak DetectionLightingLow Battery NotificationsPower FailSystemTest EventsThermostat
Voice Command:
IF The time is at 7:00:00 AM
AND IF The days of the week are: Weekend days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Then Insteon Thermostat : Downstairs Home set heat setpoint to 70
I have 4 other similar events that run daily with no problems, one more that raises the temperature, three others that lower the temp.
I tried deleting the PI, restarting HS3, then re-installing the PI, but that did not help.