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Setting External Sensor Value from Homeseer

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  • Setting External Sensor Value from Homeseer

    I am considering using the Insteon Thermostat plugin with Homeseer and wondered if I can set the external sensor value on the thermostat with a script? I would like to use my weather station temperature data.

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    The external sensor is a device wired to a supported thermostat like the 2441zth (Insteon wireless thermostat). It's not something you can set but rather a value you read from that hardware. Perhaps you are looking for something different that would feed your weather station temp info into HomeSeer? I'm sorry I don't have a recommendation for that but assume if you search the boards you can probably find something that will work?

    HS (PRO)
    Hardware: Napco GEM-P9600 | VenstarT1800 w/Insteon 2441V adapter | Insteon PLM
    Plugins HS3: Napco Gemini (mine) | Insteon Thermostat (mine) | Insteon Plug-in (mnsandler) | HSTouch Server (HST)
    Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory


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      I should have been more specific. I would like to generate 2441zth wireless thermostat Insteon messages with a script so that I can transmit and display my weather station outside temperature on the thermostat via the Insteon protocol. The weather station data is already transmitted to Homeseer via MQTT.


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        Never mind the Insteon thermostat is a huge step backwards as an actual thermostat. It seems like it has a very primitive control algorithm and no deadband adjustment . My 20 year old Honeywell is much more civilized with the set point than the Insteon.