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Does 2441TH have internal schedule and can this PI update it?

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    Does 2441TH have internal schedule and can this PI update it?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. My Insteon/HomeSeer using father purchased 2 of these thermostats w/o consulting me and I'm trying to help him set them up remotely. I've got them added to HS. My Dad was under the impression there was an internal schedule on these thermostats. Is that the case? If so, can this PI update that schedule? Is the internal schedule in use when in "Program" mode?

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    The Insteon thermostat 2441TH (noted from the other thread) does have a "program" capability internal to the thermostat. Unfortunately programming that is not possible via the plugin.

    You can google "smarthome insteon 2441th manual" and come up with a few links including the quickstart and the full manual. Here' s the manual blurb on program mode: "Program allows you to set up the various preprogrammed modes (Wake, Leave, Return and Sleep). It also allows you to setup various features and calibrate the temperature and humidity."

    So, using the manual you could walk him through programming different supported schedules and when those cause a change in setpoints and/or actual temp/humidity those should be reported back to the plugin and Homeseer.

    Hope this helps.

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