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Nathan, have you given up on supporting your plugin?

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    Nathan, have you given up on supporting your plugin?

    Hello Nathan,

    I have been waiting for over a month to hear back on the issues I have been posting. I paid for your plugin but it does not work properly. I don't want my money back but I would like to get a reasonable response on whether you have given up supporting this plugin.

    I am pretty sure that you have not tested your plugin with Insteon version 7.36 update. But even with released vsion of 7.1 there are issues. The error of unknow key is due to your pluging getting out of sink with Insteon plugin, through which you commination with the hub. See this thread.

    Also, your polling does not work. The current temp value is continuesly incorrect. Using the same Insteon HUB on same network, I get two different values from your plugin and from Insteon HUB APP (which shows correct values). This continues for at least 10 minutes until I hit your "POLL" Button. I can see in the log that you are getting incorrect current temp values so, there again is some type of communication issue between your plugin and Insteon plugin.

    Thus, a paid plugin that has to be manually restarted and continuesly polled to get the actual, accurate temperature is not worth the amount I paid.
    I am very disappointed.


    This plugin functions correctly with released versions of Mark's plugin on HS3. I believe you are referring to of his plugin. That's what I'm running currently. If you are testing with beta versions then there are no guarantees. As I stated in the other thread...

    The short answer is no. The HS3 version of the Insteon Thermostat Plugin has not been tested against newer beta versions of Marks Insteon plugin. If you have issues with the beta version of his latest plugin, perhaps you'll need to roll back to a previous stable version? Mark's plugins are usually very stable so I'm not sure what the issue might be but nothing has changed with this plugin nor is it likely to. There are no plans currently for an HS4 version of this plugin given Smarthome itself appears to have abandoned thermostats as a supported hardware platform.
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