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Adding an Insteon 2441V Venstar Thermostat Adapter

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    Adding an Insteon 2441V Venstar Thermostat Adapter

    I have one 2441 adapter, don't know the Device ID, and I feel like I'd probably break it if I tried removing it from the Venstar (if the Device ID is even showing on the side of the adapter against the wall).

    Does the Thermostat plugin have anything like the MNS plugin tap-add option, or does it have to be added by Device ID? I didn't see anything but thought I'd ask.

    Another thought is I could randomly try all of the links that come up in the MNS plugin Display Interface Links list that aren't already matched to a device - do you know if the 2441 adapter might have specific characters to indicate that particular device (the way Mark has told us that if the first four characters are E2 00 then that indicates the next six characters should be the Device ID of a device previously linked in the system)?

    And to add the 2441V, does it need to be put into linking mode to get it added to the plugin? I didn't with the Insteon Thermostats, they were found by the plugin using the device ID, but didn't know if adding a 2441V might be different.

    I'll chat with Mark but I don't think tap-add mode on his side will work; his side will not allow registering a thermostat (I can't recall the exact message -- something like 'invalid device'). The thermostats are registered in the Insteon Thermostat plugin and it tells the MNS Insteon plugin to send or receive messages from that InsteonID. I don't even think he lists the thermostats a unregistered devices.

    I'll update this thread after talking with Mark but I think you're going to need the ID...sorry.



      Spoke with Mark (MNS Insteon) -- his thoughts:
      the user might put the venstar into linking mode and try tap-add to see if the plugin's detailed log captures anything
      if the venstar has previously been linked to the insteon hub, he could read the interface links (MNS Insteon plugin Interfaces page) and look for anything new without a description. If the Venstar has not been previously linked to the Insteon hub, it can still be linked even with the Insteon servers down (put the Venstar in linking mode and press set button on the hub).

      hope this helps -- john


        Bingo, as usual Mark was spot on 😃

        Put the Insteon 2441 adapter into linking mode, tried a tap-add from the MNS plugin, of course nothing was added, but the log showed an attempt to add an unsupported device.....and that entry included the 2441 Device ID!

        Used that Device ID and was able to get the thermostat added in the Thermostat plugin.


          That's great! Thanks for sharing what worked! john