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    Working With Alexa

    Is the current Thermostat Beta working with Alexa?

    I have one of my thermostats with Alexa Discovery checked in the device and each of the features, Local Voice Control unchecked.

    Running Thermostat plugin and MNS Beta, HS
    Alexa skill Homeseer SmartHome which is successfully controlling a whole bunch of lights and other devices added to the MNS plugin.

    In the Alexa app I'm trying:
    • Add Device
      • Thermostat
        • Other
    Not discovering the thermostat.

    One thing that did occur with the HomeSeer skill in Alexa is that it didn't initially discover any of the devices I'd added in Mark's plugin. I needed to unlink the skill from Alexa, relink, then immediately after relinking it offered the option for discovery and it found all of the devices that had "Alexa Discovery" in the MNS plugin. But I don't want to try that again to see if it might discover the thermostat because I might need to reconfigure all of the other devices in the Alexa app all over again.

    So figured I'd check and see if anyone else has had success controlling a thermostat with Alexa since John's beta was released and maybe I need to try a different method in the Alexa app?

    I am working on getting Alexa working with the thermostat. I too had problems getting it to show up and had to disable the skill and reenable (note: I'm using the HomeSeer SmartHome skill -- there is another one that I have not tried). So far I can change the mode via Alexa ("Alexa, change the bedroom thermostat mode to cool") but haven't gotten setpoints to work. I don't know if we will be able to query ("Alexa, what is the bedroom thermostat temperature"). Net: Alexa support is in work; I will keep everyone posted.


      Getting it working natively with the smarthome skill would be ideal, but if not possible check out that other skill along with Jon00's Echo Skill Helper. It will essentially allow you to create any voice command and response that you want.
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        thx for the tip!