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Plugin Humidity and Temperature don't match the thermostat's values

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    Plugin Humidity and Temperature don't match the thermostat's values

    Hello John, first I want to thank you for taking over the Insteon Plugin and for making it work with Mark's Plugin!

    I am one of those Insteon orphans and purchased the home troller pi hub. I have the square Insteon 2245-222 Hub and one Insteon Thermostat. It's the only Thermostat in my house.

    I was able to set up all other devices and events with Mark's Plugin without any help. I upgraded to his Beta Plugin (which did a couple strange things but that is a different topic), installed your Plugin and was able to add my Thermostat which shows up both in my devices and the dashboard on the Android HomeSeer App. I struggled a bit and may (or possibly may not) have done so correctly. I am not 100%.

    It appears that the values for temperature and humidity which are displayed on the app under "devices" and "dashboard" and also on the system's device list do not match what the Thermostat on the wall displays. I don't mean instantaneously but even 5 minutes later they don't match. Using the App, tapping on the Thermostat, hitting "polling", waiting for the screen to refresh, hitting the "refresh button" sometimes changes the displayed values. Afterwards switching from "devices" to "dashboard" in the app will more frequently show either the temperature or humidity value changed, not always to the correct value though. Sometimes it will update to values from half an hour earlier.

    I am not sure if I did something wrong during set-up of the Thermostat in the Plugin or if something else may be the reason.

    Try this: go to the TStat Plugin Config page and click "Update Links" to the right of your thermostat; wait a few seconds until the message disappears. Then go to the HS Devices page and note the heat or cool set point (depending on which mode your thermostat is in; only the setting for that mode will change). Next, go to your thermostat and change the set point -- return to HS4 to confirm the value was updated.


      Yes, John, this helped and they both update now

      Thank you for your help.

      PS: If I may ask off topic here, would it be possible to display the humidity percentage as a value directly in the App (at least in the 4 field wide version) as it is displayed in (vs. having to tap on the humidity icon to have that value briefly displayed)? I understand you just inherited this App and I can not even imagine how much of your valuable time you are pouring into this. Thank you again!


        Glad this corrected the issue; thanks for reporting back. I will try to add an instruction to "Click the Update Links button after entering a thermostat" to the Config page.

        re: mobile app -- I'm using an iPhone and until you mentioned it, I had not noticed the humidity is hidden until you click the water-drop icon -- is this what you are referring to? I agree it makes no sense to have an icon display a single value (why not simply display the value)? I don't know how the mobile app device controls are created out (it is not something as simple as an HTML page within the plugin) but I will add it to my list to figure out. Current priorities (other than helping folks get on the air) are 1) cooling/heating status, and 2) better Alexa support.


          Yes, John, "the humidity is hidden until you click the water-drop icon" that's what I meant - as I said it would be nice to have but I understand lots and lots of other things come first.

          Thank you so much for your help!