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Insteon Thermostat and water temp sensor

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    Insteon Thermostat and water temp sensor

    I'm trying to control the air temperature of a pool room. I need to keep it at least few degrees above the pool water temp at all times to avoid condensation in the room. I live in a rural area and the pool heater and pool room furnace are heated by propane. When I turn the pool heater off, if I don't remember to manually turn down the thermostat for the room each day, I wind up wasting a lot of propane heating the room unnecessarily high.

    Does anyone know if the Insteon Thermostat 2441TH can be used with the Insteon waterproof temp sensor 2433A3 to have the termostat control the furnace output based on the water temperature? I have no doubt that the thermostat will accept the input from the water temp sensor . . . It's specifically for connection to the Insteon wireless thermostat. I just don't know what information will be available to the ISY994 or Hometroller from that setup.

    Here's the waterproof temp sensor if it helps:

    Ahhh, I think I'm learning a little more through research. I overlooked that the waterproof sensor only connects to the *wireless* thermostat. The regular Insteon thermostat that can be hard wired to your furnace doesn't look as if it will accept this sensor. Soooo, I gather that in order to make my above scenario work, I'd need both the Insteon hardwired thermostat connected to the furnace and the wireless thermostat with the waterproof temp sensor hooked up monitoring the pool.

    The question remains the same though . . . but I think I have a better feel for the answer.

    I'd still like to know what is reportable from the wireless thermostat if anybody has that information. If the temperature sensor is hooked up, does that value show up and can I use it to set the temp of the wired thermostat?
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