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New PLM interface thermostats dont work

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  • New PLM interface thermostats dont work

    I am trying to find out.. I had to reprogram all devices with a new PLM..
    my old interface took a crap..
    I used the replace interface option in marks insteon plug in.. and just about all my devices were re-set..
    the thermostats however I had to put each one in linking mode and then goto each thermostat and click read links.. that re-read the info and showed me the thermostats in the config page. however they are not being controlled, if I change the set point on homeseer it does not change the thermostats..
    what do I have to do to get the thermostats to recognize the new PLM interface?

    IM using Marks Insteon plug in v
    and insteon thermostat plug in v
    Running HS3

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    Originally posted by thetaz01 View Post
    ... what do I have to do to get the thermostats to recognize the new PLM interface? ...
    You might start by reading responses to your post here


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      Oops.. sorry bout that, my bad, was so focused on the other problem, totally missed that reply... thanks. ill give that a whirl!


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        Thanks for helping him out Claude.

        Under Plug-ins\Insteon thermostat\Insteon thermostat Config you should have a button option off to the right of your thermostat to "Update Links" The point of that is to write the necessary links into the PLM (via Mark's plugin) so that the PLM and thermostat can talk to each other.
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        Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory