There is a bug that several people have encountered if a Thermostat and HVAC are named the same, it is possible for the plugin to become confused at startup and not associate to the correct HS3 devices. This has a bad long term effect on plugin operation.

Version just posted to the updater will prevent the plugin from starting up if a name collision is detected. An ERROR log will be made to the HS3 log. If you encounter this situation, you can edit your HS3/Config/hspi_insteon_thermostat.ini and remove a section with the duplication. The easiest is to remove a duplicate HVAC. Be sure to delete all lines that start with the same #_ Also be sure to delete the corresponding HS3 devices from the running HS3 Home page before restarting the plugin. See the image below showing an example of an HVAC with the same name as a Thermostat. The three lines at the bottom should be deleted to fix this.

After successfully restarting the plugin, you will be able to use the Config page to add back the missing device (again HVAC is easiest) and if you are on the current plugin version it will prevent you from adding a name that duplicates another thermostat or HVAC in the system.

Another improvement in v3.0.3.3 is a startup thread that will check that all thermostats having a DEVCAT (device category) after 2 minutes and reissue the get protocol() request if any are missing. After plugin startup, each configured thermostat is sent a get protocol() request. This comes back as a broadcast reply. If the broadcast is missed for any reason the DEVCAT (device category) will not be set in the plugin for that thermostat and future commands will not work correctly. Several people have run into this issue and it's expected that this will improve the experience after restarts.

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