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DEVCAT Issues? Try v3.0.4.5 - includes saving/loading it

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  • nfrobertson
    replied has been placed into the Updater for general use.


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  • claude
    Just gave it a try, restarted HS3, all seems to be going well. Thanks

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  • DEVCAT Issues? Try v3.0.4.5 - includes saving/loading it

    Polling for DEVCAT, Firmware and Protocol versions at plugin startup has been an issue for several people especially those with multiple thermostat (5-6+) I have uploaded a new version of the plugin that saves these values to the hspi_insteon_thermostat.ini so that they can be reused across plugin and HS3 restarts. This cuts down on the amount of Insteon traffic at plugin startup. It also removes the reliance on Insteon network traffic to be 100% every time at plugin startup which has led to quite a few issues with DEVCAT not being set. Without a valid DEVCAT, the plugin can't determine which commands are valid for different thermostats.

    Right now this is only available via the "Updater Override" method as I would like to see it receive some field testing before general release. If you are familiar with this, please jump right in. For those that are not, first, do your normal backup of your HS3 system. After, you can get a special text file at the link below. Save it to your HS3 main directory as updater_override.txt Then from the PLUG-INS->Manage page select the "Update Listing" button at the bottom. This should update quickly and it will provide a "Remote Updates" listing with only the Insteon Thermostat option. From here it's a normal checkbox and then click "Download and Install" button. Don't forget to carefully delete the updater_override.txt file from your system to return to normal Updater operation.

    Once is loaded, go to the PLUG-INS->Insteon Thermostat->Insteon Thermostat Config->Thermostats (tab) Your thermostats in the left column should have bracketed values like [050A,E,2] or similar. Those are the DEVCAT, Firmware and Protocol numbers queried from your thermostat(s) at plugin startup. You'll notice a new column called "Use Saved DEVCAT Firmware Protocol ?" This column should be checked by default. At this point click the Save button. This will cause the plugin to save to the INI file the DEVCAT, Firmware, and Protocol as well as a new Boolean for the "Used Saved" option. This will allow you to be selective in the future if you want or need to have the plugin actually query these at start up by unchecking the "Used Saved" and saving your config values again.

    If you have multiple thermostats and some have come up with missing DEVCAT this first time using, that's ok. Click Save anyway. The values that it was able to retrieve will be written to the hspi_insteon_thermostat.ini. You can then stop and restart the plugin. The next time, those thermostats with values from the INI file will be used as-is cutting down startup Insteon traffic and with any luck allowing the other thermostats to successfully complete their startup. Don't forget to go back in to the Insteon Thermostat Config->Thermostats (tab) and click Save again so that any new DEVCAT values can be written to the INI as well.

    I hope this will help those of you that continue to experience issues at plugin startup.