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HVAC missed RF call

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    HVAC missed RF call

    Is there a way to poll or change the HVAC mode? Would prefer poll.

    The plugin work 95% of the time, but occasionally HS3 misses an RF HVAC "call" event.

    For example, I have an event that turns on a box FAN when the HVAC unit "calls for cool", then when HVAC goes from "cool to off" I turn off the box fan.

    The thermostat always works, meaning it turns from cool to off, but if the plugin misses that command, then the plugin shows the unit is still cooling and therefore the fan never turns off.

    A poll only polls the temp/humidity, not the HVAC mode.

    Is it possible to have the poll command poll the HVAC mode?

    The HVAC devices are virtual in nature only and were modeled after the original HS2 plugin this was based on. They are generally intended to support the count timers of how long heat/cool have run and how long the count down to maintenance is.

    When an Insteon Thermostat turns on or off the physical HVAC unit, it sends a broadcast (call for heat on/off, call for cool on/off) which this plugin picks up on and sets the HVAC virtual device to match the new setting. If there are missed broadcasts on the Insteon network for whatever reason, the plugin will never be told the thermostat changed states and won't be able to change the HVAC virtual device.

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    Hardware: Napco GEM-P9600 | VenstarT1800 w/Insteon 2441V adapter | Insteon PLM
    Plugins HS3: Napco Gemini (mine) | Insteon Thermostat (mine) | Insteon Plug-in (mnsandler) | HSTouch Server (HST)
    Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory


      Thanks. I was hoping maybe there was a way to poll for state.

      I appreciate it. Plugin works great, I think I have some RF noise I need to track down or try an Insteon repeater.

      As a workaround I am trialing BL-logmonitor.

      So it the HVAC stays cool for say 30 min and the fan has been on for 30 min, I trigger an event to turn off the fan. But since I won't be able to determine if the HVAC changes state again since it is all ready "cool", I then parse the log for "thermostat calling for cool" (which I usually get that one). Then it turns the fan on.

      So far its working. Been trailing it for last couple days. Seems to work as a backup for missed bcasts.
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        I wanted to mention in this thread that I think I have remedied my issue. Although it would be nice if the api was able to poll for cooling/heating status, my issue may have been excessive polling of the hub.

        Mark's PLM plugin was updated for the instreon HUB as a PLM and I think his plugin polls every second or so. The devices in the setup page of his plugin also have an option for polling the devices every x minutes. By default when you setup a device it defaults to 10 min. I have ~60 devices being polled every 10 min, plus the 1 sec polling the plugin does.

        So I think excessive polling was the issue as I disabled the 10 min polling and have not had many broadcast misses since. I changed my polling interval to 60 min and still stable.

        Thanks so much for looking into this, but I wanted to reply back to let you know it was a config issue.

        When I upgraded to HS3, I installed a HUB PLM. My HS2 system had a serial PLM. Maybe the hub was not able to handle the same network load as the 2413S.