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Re-Addming Thermostat

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  • Re-Addming Thermostat

    So, I never heard back from you regarding renaming a thermostat to change the location in the name.. (i.e. Fred Jrs Bedroom to Store Room)
    I decided to just delete that thermostat in the plug in, and re-add it..
    it worked fine, however I cant get the damn devices to re-create as homeseer devices..
    I have tried reading links, restarting the plugin, and restarting the entire homeseer application...
    I still cant get the homeseer devices to re-add..
    So with that.. I ask two questions ...actually three...
    1) What is the official PROPER process to add/readd a thermostat...
    2) how do I fix this current one?
    3) IS THERE in fact a way to rename a thermostat without deleting and re-adding

    thanks so much

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    ?? anybody have anything for me on this?
    its driving me nuts..LOL


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      The correct way is to delete the thermostat on the Config page. Be sure to save. Then add it back on the Config page with a new name. You may have to delete old HS3 devices with the old name if they are leftover but new devices with the new name should be created. Every time you start the plugin it goes through a series of steps to be sure the devices related to the configured thermostats exist.

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      Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory