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Child zones not showing in Imperihome plugin

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  • Child zones not showing in Imperihome plugin

    Hi Rien,

    Ive installed the trial after reading that the plugin is now working once again with evohome so thank you for the fix/update. My 4 evohome zones show up fine in homeseer and I want to have the them interface with Imperihome android app (dashboard) for which I use Spud's Imperihome plugin. The imperihome plugin is compatible with hs3 thermostat devices but unfortunately only sees the main evohome controller (hall) and not the rad valves. It appears the the rad valves are set up as child devices to the main controller. I asked Spud about this and he says:

    "The problem is that the devices do not implement correctly the thermostat API.
    So you need to either ask the plug-in developer to fix that by creating a set of devices for each thermostat (1 root and 2 separate children for current temp and heatpoint) or you can configure some multiswitch and sensor devices to represent your thermostats in IH.".

    What are your thoughts on this? I'd really like to be able to get this working.

    Here is the post I made on the Imperihome thread which has all the details/screenshots.

    Many thanks,