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Honeywell EvoHome - zones cross wired?

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  • Honeywell EvoHome - zones cross wired?

    I hope someone can help me with the following 2 issues I have...

    I have used the IPThermostat plug-in for a number of months but recently had to change my evohome installation because one of the controllers was not working properly. After the faulty controller was replaced I had to re-configure the two zones in evohome. I have one zone for the living room and one for the office

    Ever since the re-configuration I have two issues:

    1) The two zones are cross-wired in the Homeseer/IP Thermostat plug-in: when I change the heatpoint of the office, the heatpoint of the living room gets changed (and vice versa)

    2) I no longer have the option to change the mode of the zone: away, day off, regular etc.

    I can obviously work around the first issue (eventhough it is a bit odd) but the second issue is a showstopper for me as I used it to turn the heating to away when the alarm is armed etc.

    To solve the issue I have deleted the homeseer devices and re-installed the plugin but to no avail.

    Any suggestions?

    Best regards,


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