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Proliphix IMT550C

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    Proliphix IMT550C

    I am considering using a Proliphix IMT550C with this plug-in.

    1) How well does the plug-in work with this particular hardware? Shortcomings?

    2) Is a specific version of firmware required on the IMT550C? If so, what version?

    I have the plugin working on a HS3 RP3 wired IMT550c.

    Currently it loaded well. Only issue i'm seeing right now is that the cool-point on the device view shows 171 F instead of 70F but it works as it should for basic functionality.

    I will caveat I am brand new to HS3 as of this week and starting with the PI before I add and go full blown. Where in the world can i modify these variables? Anyway to edit the source code of the plugin or is it only in a compiled format? i can't find it in the Homeseer directory besides an .exe ported to raspian.