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problems with HS touch

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  • problems with HS touch

    I'm having problems with the HS3touch on my iPhone. My other thermostat (which is a z-wave--house has two zones) works out fine, so I'm assuming the problem is with the ip tsat plug-in. I have a proliphix nt160. Everything works fine using HS3 web interface.

    When I press keys on the iPhone HStouch display the tsat does not respond and the temp numbers and states are garbled on the display on my iPhone. For example the current status is 0, the cool is showing 182, etc. Mode is unknown.

    Am I making sense?

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    The same problem exists in the "status" page of HS3. The numbers and read out are wrong and the controls do not work. HS3touch client does't work and the read out is also wrong.

    The controls in the device page of HS3 do work and are correct.

    See attached pictures.
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