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    Plug-In Description

    The izHeatmiser Plug-in for HomeSeer allows control of Heatmiser WiFi PRT-TS thermostats using an ethernet connection. This plugin requires Homeseer Version 3.

    Features include:
    • Unlimited number of Heatmiser thermostats.
    • Read/Set Set Point, Hold Mode, Holiday Return Date, Lock Status and Run Mode
    • Read Current Temperature and Heat State
    • Update the Clock
    • Poll the thermostat (via timer and as required via device control)
    • Manage heating schedules per thermostat

    A quick user guide can be downloaded here: Manual

    At present there is no support for systems connected via the Heatmiser Netmonitor. However, if this is required please request it via the Feature Requests posts here: Feature Request

    Please note that whilst the older Heatmiser WiFi thermostat is supported, the newer Heatmiser Wifi SmartStat thermostat is NOT supported as Heatmiser has not released an API for this model.
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