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    I am running Wondering what the changes are to

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    the changelog is here:

    basically all the changes from to have been requested by Nest which has officially reviewed, tested and approved the plug-in.


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      Originally posted by spud View Post
      the changelog is here:

      basically all the changes from to have been requested by Nest which has officially reviewed, tested and approved the plug-in.
      It's great that it is officially blessed by Nest. It is not great that I cannot use the far far far superior methods in Homeseer to set home/away of Nest.

      I must say, I am becoming more and more disappointed with Nest all the time. When I first bought the Nest thermostat, I thought "This thing has a ton of sensors in it, its a full SOC, this is going to be great for home automation." The problem is that Nest excludes ALL the cool stuff from the official API. No soup for you.

      I had dreams of using each of my protects as motion sensors, because, well they have excellent motion sensors. No, Nest does not allow that. So next to my protect is a damn motion sensor. I have excellent location tracking thanks to PHLocation plugin. Now I have to duplicate those efforts with only Nest products and programs just to keep my thermostat synced with home occupancy. Worse, I see no place to request what I want anywhere on any Nest site. They simple seem to not care. I guess they are really really really focused on not delivering any new products for years now. </rant>

      This is not to say that your plugin and efforts are not appreciated. They are. If you have any sway, or any way to request API improvements, could you please request access to motion/light sensor information in thermostats and protects, and some way to correct home/away mode when Nest gets it wrong?

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        @Spud -
        I also noticed you had removed the Home/Away due to violations of their policies. However I've noticed one of their partners, Automatic, is doing it with events as well. I can create an event on Automatic that when my car is home, or away based on GPS location, it will thru the API set the Nest status to Home or Away appropriately. You 100% certain it's against their ToS?

        Here's what I see on their API site:
        ...The Nest API provides the ability to directly set Home and Away, as well as listen for changes to these states. However, when setting Home and Away, it should be done as the Nest app does it: as the result of an explicit user request. Trying to algorithmically set this state runs the risk of creating a confusing user experience and is forbidden by the Nest design policies.
        So if I click a Home or Away button, or running it thru an HS event, isn't that compliant with that quote? I interpret that as if your Plugin had some sort of it's own "home / away" logic it was applying, then you'd be in violation.

        I really like your plugin, and it works great. Unless you received a warning from Nest, please reconsider adding this back in as doesn't seem like you were violating their ToS.

        EDIT: Ok, I think I see the issue after doing more reading, and also seeing how Automatic does it. To comply with a acknowledgement, they send you a text when you change states. I can see how that's not too simple on your side. Bummer


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          I'm also not a fan of the removal of the ability to set home or away and have downgraded back to the earlier version that had this functionality. I have an event that switches Nest to Away when the lock button on my door lock is pressed. This event also arms my DSC alarm Armed-Away and slowly fades all the lights inside the house to off over the course of one minute. There is absolutely no situation at all where the Nest should ever be in Home mode when the alarm is armed like that irregardless of what the Nest API guidelines area.

          I also wasn't happy that when I upgraded to the newest version of the plugin it basically broke every event that had the Nest Home/Away status as a condition. To prevent that from happening again though I just created a new Home Status virtual device and have switched all my events to use that instead.


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            I won't be upgrading


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              Home and Away

              I've been enjoying the plugin (and still am, basically) but I am a bit confused about the effect of the removal of Home-Away setting.

              Previously I found that I wasn't able to set anything remotely (eg change target temperature) if NEST was set to Away. I got round this by setting it to Home as the first action in an event.

              Presumably I must now disable NEST's Auto-Home-Away feature because if it automatically sets itself to Away, Homeseer is effectively 'locked out' of NEST. So I must ensure that it never sets itself to Away?

              I've already found that NEST isn't very good at working out my location (using Android location) and 'warming up' the house as I drive home. It has a habit of only realising that I'm home in the middle of the night, and then switching the heating on which is unwelcome.

              It seems that, one by one, I'm having to disable NEST's smart features. And now, maybe, I have to disable the Home or Away feature?


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                Originally posted by spud View Post
                the changelog is here:

                basically all the changes from to have been requested by Nest which has officially reviewed, tested and approved the plug-in.
                I too am wildly disappointed about the removal of Home/Away setting - I used it as a "presence sensor" with PHLocation to keep a status of if anyone in my house is home. I use this status to trigger BlueIris cameras, Nest temps, etc.

                @Spud, nothing against the amazing work you've done, this is a rant against Nest.

                How does one revert back to the old version? I have backups of my HS3 folder since eternity, and can pull whatever I need. I restored as many files as I could see, and it appears as though HS3 shows i'm back on Nest now, but I still cannot see the option to set Home/Away.

                Thanks all, time to start looking into Ecobee I suppose. What a mess Nest is making.


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                  Unless I am missing something, it is very easy to restore Home/Away control. Just go into the Status Graphics tab and change the Status-Control setting for Home and Away to "Both". I am on and algorithmically change the mode with events.