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  • Another UK Nest query

    Dear Spud,
    If your plug-in works here in the UK it will be a breakthrough, as there are no standard European Z-Wave Thermostats here that work with HomeSeer. One quick query: I assume that your plug-in will work fine with my wonderful See S2 controller?

    Also, is there a standard Nest document that you could recommend that explains how the Nest Thermostat actually works? I need to know how it will behave in detail, as I have a special central heating system which I built that integrates a Wood Burning stove into an Oil Boiler system.

    Thanks so much,

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    AFAIK the Nest plug-in works from anywhere in the world, and yes it is compatible with the Zee S2

    As for documentation, I don't think there is one document that explains everything but there is good information on their support website:


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      Rapid and very helpful reply

      Thanks Spud,

      I am excited about my Home Seer system again!! I had given up on integrating the central heating with it - now I can and will! I will order your Plug-in straight away!



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        Hi Derek, there are plenty of UK Z-Wave thermostats, I have both NESTs and HeatIts (for underfloor heating in my bathrooms). I would really recommend this plugin, that and spud's DSC are two of my all time plugin's, well and Dirk's SONOS, heck I actually have loads of favorites! But these are the most used.

        Anyway a thermostat only operates a relay (heat-link), and you can find the instructions for the heat link on the NEST UK website and how to wire it up.

        I have two, I use the version 2's for Zone 1 and Zone 2 (downstairs and upstairs) and a Horseman Z-Wave controller for Hot Water, the v3 (slightly larger better looking ones) do control hot water though so I would recommend checking you buy the latest, I think they also have a nice looking clock feature.

        The plugin works flawlessly and is well supported.


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          UK Thermostats

          Hi Chris,
          Many thanks for your message. You are right about a CH thermostat just being a pair of controlled relays, but some years ago I tested a Danfoss one, it was hopeless. I had also heard similar reports about Horstmann, great if it works for you. I have a complex CH system with my own design relay based control system which integrates a standard oil boiler and a wood burning stove with temperature sensors on that can totally bypass the oil Boiler CH programmer. The Nest wiring would appear to allow me to replace my old programmer and allow the wood burner control system to bypass it when the wood burner is hot. I can also control the Nest setpoints from HS3.

          If you are also in the UK, fancy a discussion phone call some time?