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    I have 2 Nest thermostats and find them and the plugin brilliant. I have a HeatIt for the electric UFH (just shy of 16A under wooden floor, so requires a floor temperature sensor) which is utter shite.

    I have some of the Aeon heavy duty 45A switches around the house, so I'd be happy to let them do the heavy lifting if I could find a decent, powered (I've had battery zwave devices and they're more hassle then they're worth) air and floor thermostat, ideally which looks nice enough to go in the lounge, with local control. I know I'm asking a lot.

    Failing that, anyone found a way to use a Nest with electric UFH with a temperature probe linked in, maybe a basic zwave air/floor powered thermostat which HS3 could control an Aeon 45A switch?

    In the UK (as I know there's quite a few options in the US).