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  • Just tried plugin - Great work

    Thanks Spud for another great plugin!

    I just installed a Nest thermostat (replacing my Trane TZEMT043AB32MAA) and 9 Nest Protects. The Smoke/CO detectors were the driving force as my old ones were less than a year from expiration and the late night chirping was driving me crazy. They were also not combo detectors, so I had separate smoke / CO - with less CO detectors than I should have had.

    The plugin works great and setup was super easy. One of the nicest features that I was not expecting is I now have a really reliable home/away status. All the other stuff (geofencing, BT proximity, etc) just never worked right, but Nest seems to have it figured out and the Spud's plugin exploits it nicely.

    The plugin also gave me a way to overcome what appears to be one of the thermostat's big limitations (at least according to the internet). Everything I've read says your schedule will override auto-away. Is that what everyone else is seeing? The work-around I'm trying is turning learning off and using HomeSeer to set my bedtime and wakeup set points ONLY if the thermostat says we're home.

    With my old Trane thermostat, I had wakeup, go to work, get home, and bedtime set points. I had to manually put the thermostat in eco mode when we went out of town or use a bunch of events to have HS do it remotely after we left (could not actually trigger eco mode, so I had to manually change the occupancy status of the house, which would trigger HS to send the eco set points every few hours)

    I think with the combination of the Nest hardware and the plugin, my occupancy status will improve significantly. I've already been able to eliminate about a dozen events that are no longer needed with this streamlined solution.

    I received a survey from Nest this morning for both the thermostat and protects - which I assume everyone gets shortly after install - and pleaded for them to open the API to get illumination, motion, humidity and anything else the protects have into automation software and smart home hubs. I also asked for a more elegant solution than I'm using to let users choose if auto-away or schedule has a higher priority.

    Just started the 30 day trial but will be purchasing shortly.
    Hardware: i5-6400T w/16GB RAM & SSD w/HS3Pro, Z-Net, Harmony Hub x2, Echo Dot x2, Ocelot
    Plugins: Z-wave, HSTouch, BLBackup, Harmony, GTS CPUXA, UltraMon3, Nest
    HSTouch: Multiple Android Devices; 5 x ToteVision MD-1001 10.1" Win 7 Tablets
    Devices: Cooper RF9501 x4, RF9517 x6, RF9534 x1, RF9540-N x7, RF9542 x1, RF9542-Z x2, RFHDSCG x1, RFWC5 x5; Intermatic HA02 x6; FortrezZ MIMOLite x3; Leviton VRPD3-1LW x4, VRR15-1LZ x6; Nest Tstat & 9x Protects; Dragon PD-100 x3, PA-100 x3

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    Thank you for the feedback and support!