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Nest smoke detectors, is this right?

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  • Nest smoke detectors, is this right?

    First: Merry xmas

    I installed the plugin a few days back after installing 5 Nest smoke detectors. The install of the plugin went fine. However, isn't there supposed to be some updates coming into the devices in Homeseer? Only the Home/Away seems to update. No errors in the log. I tried reauthorizing the plugin with Nest as well, without any change. This is how it looks after a couple of days:
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    Well, the devices values are updated but since the value is 0, which is also the default value for a device the last change time is not updated.
    I don't know if there is any reason behind this or if it is a bug in HS3. But if the devices are updated to another value the last change time will be populated.


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      Right, thanks!


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        On device configuration, there is also an option to Not update the last change time if the value does not change. It seems I mostly see it default to checked. You might try unchecking it. It is the last config parameter on the first device screen.