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Question about home/away assist

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  • Question about home/away assist

    Today, I noticed my thermostats were in Away mode when we returned to the house. As a result I was unable to send most commands to them as the plug-in reported "WARNING Can't adjust target temperature while structure is set to Away or Auto-away.".

    What is strange is that I have never had this happen before. I had to go into the nest web site and turn on home mode. I checked the settings for my thermostats and disables the home/away assist for now.

    Is there a way to control home/away mode from the plugin? Thanks.

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    Thanks @spud for the PM on the home/away info. I did finally figure out what was going on. I turned off phone and thermostat sensing, but didn't turn off my smoke detector sensing. As a result my smoke detectors were instructing the house to go into away mode when the smoke detectors stopped sensing motion.

    Related to this I am confused by high and low temp. When in home mode the target high and low for my thermostats are showing the same thing. When in away mode the target low is showing the heat eco setting and the high is showing the cool eco setting. Is this the desired behavior?

    Shouldn't it, based on the mode, show the high and low as the same. For example, if in heat mode, low and high show the eco heat setting? Thanks.


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      in version available in the beta section of the updater I have slightly changed what values are displayed by the target temp devices

      - in eco mode the target temp devices show the eco settings
      - in heat or cool mode, both devices show the same value = the target temperature
      - in heat-cool mode, the devices show the low and high target temps


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        Thanks - I will give this a try.