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Nest - Wrong Temperature Format

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  • Nest - Wrong Temperature Format


    I recently hooked up my Google Home with Homeseer and when attempting to change the temperature on a Nest thermostat I get an error code which results in the temperature not being changed. Please see the attached screen shot of the error log.

    More detailed description: I activate my Google home via voice, and say, "Set the downstairs thermostat to X degrees" Google home responds, "okay setting the downstairs thermostat to X degrees". Then nothing happens, no temperature change. When I looked in the log file, as you will see, for some reason homeseer is receiving a request for an invalid temperature. Obviously, that is not the temperature I requested, as I'm asking for temperatures that are round numbers only. See attached screenshot of log.

    I also sent this same info to Homeseer Support a few days ago. They indicated that they have sent it to Google Home Integration for review, but suggested I also contact the developer saying, " It may be the case that the plugin needs to be adjusted so that the devices it creates are voice control compatible."

    Thanks for your help!

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    Update from Homeseer

    See the update below. I have not tested yet, but I will when I get back home:


    As promised, the engineer did get back to me, and he seems to be aware of the issue, it was related to fractions, and Google Home not wanting to accept them. He has already made adjustments to our code, and suggested that you should be able to test this immediately. Unfortunately, he is not able to test this at the moment himself. Either way, just let me know and we will be happy to continue working on this!


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      thanks for the update

      in version available in beta section of the updater, the plugin now round the temperature to the nearest valid value. So, with this version, it should work even if it's not fixed on the other end.


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        Thank you! Homeseer did fix it on their end for the non-beta plug in, but I will install the beta as well. Thanks to both you and Homeseer for the quick resolution.