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  • 2 plugin errors

    Hi, almost everything is working with the nest plugin except that recently snapshots stopped working and my log is totally full of the same error over and over again: "ERROR Method 'NestSharp.NestThermostat.get_eco_temperature_high_f' not found."

    Attached is the debug logging of enabling the plugin and then requesting a snapshot on one of the cameras. Turning on an off the cameras works fine, I just can't get snapshots.

    Let me know if there is another other info I can get you. Thanks!
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    You probably have an old version of the NestSharp.dll somewhere in your HS root directory, all dll dependencies should be in bin/Nest
    Disable the plugin, then delete NestSharp.dll, as well as any other dll you would have installed manually in the HS root dir . Then reinstall the Nest plugin from the updater.


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      Thank you! That did it. Deactivated plugin, removed plugin, deleted /bin/Nest (which is the only place where there was a remaining NestSharp.dll) and reinstalled plugin. No more errors and snapshots are working again.