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Access Nest Lock / Temp Max/Min settings

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  • Access Nest Lock / Temp Max/Min settings

    I have my Nests installed on a rental home. I typically set the units to "Cool" mode and then restrict the temp ranges available to the renters. I must set a different range when we are in "Heat" mode.

    Is there a way to change these setpoints form HS? Direct would be best, but i'd also be ok with unlock, set the new setpoints and re-lock.

    I don't see any of this functionality in the plugin?



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    This might be off topic...

    but with my rental property. I created a event that will keep renters from dropping the temperature down to 50 degrees

    The event runs a local HS3 machine that i have at the condo. As soon as it senses the temperature dropping down below 70 degrees, it will ramp it back up to 70. It only failed on me when HS machine must have rebooted because of power loss and Homeseer wasnt operational.

    But so far i love it.. Expecting to implement another event to control heat when that time comes.

    Next move, will to monitor windows, and especially doors. When doors, like the patio door is left open while the AC is cranking away. I will only give it a 5min delay before it turns off the AC unit.

    As long as the wifi, and HS3 is up and running... i should be able to keep costs at a reasonable price, at the same time keep the condo renters comfortable.