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    I'm making a decision on whether to install a Nest or a RedLink system with my Mitsubishi heat pumps, and one of the factors is the support for these systems in HomeSeer. Can you tell me if any of the following features are supported in the Nest plugin?
    1. Fan control - set to specific speed or to auto
    2. Nest temperature sensors - (a) read the temperature from a sensor (b) configure the Nest to set a sensor as the primary


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    1. you can turn the fan on/off from the plugin

    2. temperature sensors are not supported yet by the Nest API, but as soon as they will be I will add the available features in the plugin.


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      I'm in a similar spot - installing Mits heatpumps in a new home build and trying to make decisions on how to control things. The MHK1's are decent, but ugly and not as nice as Nests to use.

      I am thinking about using the Nests as dummy stats, where they aren't actually hooked to anything, but upload target temp and ambient temp to the cloud, and then having Homeseer communicate all that info to the Mits indoor units via either Redlink, or these cheap NodeMCU Arduino modules and the open source code that talks to the CN105 ports on all the indoor units.

      You can read about that option here:

      How much lag is there in reporting changes from the Nest stat until the plugin reports the change?



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        I agree with you completely about the look of the MHK-1 thermostat. After being strongly encouraged by the folks at Mitsubishi and by my heating and cooling consultant, I decided to go with a RedLink system and a Honeywell Prestige IAQ thermostat. What swayed me was when they shared their experience with Nests hooked up to the mitsu equipment. The Nest and the mitsu are both smart devices and end up fighting each other.


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          David, can you tell me more about your setup? Does the Honeywell stat talk to the Mitsibushi unit like it was a normal 2-stage system, or does it act like a real Mitsibushi stat and send it target temp and ambient temp?

          The latter enables a lot of the efficiency these stats have, which is why I am trying to interface a decent looking stat to the HVAC without dumbing the interface down to a 2 stage configuration.