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Thermostat Unlocking Without Being Unlocked?

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  • Thermostat Unlocking Without Being Unlocked?


    I've used the lock feature in the Nest App to lock the thermostat but it keeps showing up unlocked.

    I'm on with Next support right now. But wanted to get this out there as well to see if others are having this problem.

    I use an event triggered by my door lock to change from Away to Home and ECO to Cool depending on if someone is coming or going and locking or unlocking the lock from the keypad which you can't do when you're inside. I do this in another house with a wink hub as well.

    I also had the thermostat locked so that it could only be adjusted inside of a temperature range.

    The thermostat keeps getting unlocked as I had it locked so that temperature could only be adjust between 71 and 80 in cooling mode. I don't seem to have the problem with the wink hub unlocking the thermostat. But I think I've seen other erratic Nest behaviour with the thermostat ending up unlocked.
    Model Display-3.4
    Backplate model Backplate-5.4
    Serial no. 09AA01RC
    Software 5.8.2-1

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    I just got off the chat with support.

    They said that when I was setting the HVAC Mode; Heat, Cool, Heat-Cool, ECO, Off mode that is what was unlocking it. I was doing this based on the temperature in the house so that I wouldn't get calls for heat or cooling.

    They said if I only set Home - Away it will not unlock.

    So that gives me some questions about the plugin.
    1. Can you make it so that we can lock-unlock the thermostat with the plugin?
    2. Is there a way to change HVAC Mode with the plugin without unlocking the Thermostat?


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      Time to update this again. I also have a Wink hub in another home with a Nest thermostat. When I set the temperature or change mode with that hub it does not unlock the thermostat.

      So you really need to make it so that we can make changes to the thermostat without unlocking it.