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  • Nest Hot water control

    I have just installed the Nest plugin. Looks really good. I have a boiler which heats the hot water and seperately the heating. (Not a combi). At the moment, the Nest is only configured to control the heating. It is wired up so I could have it control my hot water too. The installer has disabled the hot water control. He showed me how to enable it. At the moment the hot water control is via my old zwave boiler control, which is basically just a on/off device. If I would have that control via the Nest PI too, I would like to switch over the hot water control to the Nest PI as well. What devices would that create ? At the moment, no devices for hot water control have been created, probably as the functionality has been disabled in the Nest.

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    There is no Hot Water API yet so I can't add this feature to the plug-in.
    It has been requested by many users for a long time and the only answer from Nest is that it is "planned"


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      That is extremely frustrating. So I will have to keep that on the Zwave boiler control for the foreseeable future. Given how long people have been requesting this, its probably never going to arrive... I would have thought Nest are a bit better than that. You obviously cannot implement it if its not offered by the api.