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  • Nest Error blocked

    I am currently evaluating the Nest PI. That might be why I get this error ?
    I have a virtual device with temperatures. I have linked that to the Nest desired temperature device. I have also linked the Nest desired temperature to the virtual device. It all seemed to work first of all. If I change the temperature (setpoint) on my virtual device, it also changes on the Nest device. If I change the desired temperature on the Nest device, it also changes on the virtual device. I did it a few times to test, then it stopped working. In the log, I get a Nest Error, every time I change the virtual switch. If I trigger a event, which changes the Setpoint, I get the error too. If I change it on the Nest device with the + or -, I also get the error. If I change it on the Nest thermostat, it shows on the Nest device.
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    this error means you have reach the "rate limit" imposed by Nest, see first error in this page:

    you just need to wait until you are allowed again to do some requests.


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      OK, I think I changed the temperature maybe lets say 20 times in 10 or 15 minutes. Thats a quite low threshold. Obviously not your fault as that limit is imposed by Nest. Do you know how long before its unblocked ?