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Nest error one or more errors occured

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  • Nest error one or more errors occured

    This moening my heating did not come on. Checking my log the setpoint has been sent, but i had Nest error one or more errors occured in my log. Any change of setooint i am trying to send now results in this error and the Nest not changing the setpoint.

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    Set the log level to Debug and post what you get when you try to change the setpoint.


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      This morning nothing worked. Every time just the error in the log. Then, after I few hours I tried again and its working since. I hope it was a Nest outage or problem. If it does happen again, I'll grab a debug log and post here. It was only one setpoint change in the morning turning the temperature up which all of a sudden did not work, it wasnt too many commands like I had before (that gave a different error anyway). Subsequently when I tried the error came up every time. But I have not changed anything, I just tried a few hours later and all was good again. It must be a problem on Nest side I think.